Upcoming Wine Making Events at IncrediBREW

March MEADness – Mead Making Event

Sunday, March 26th 1 PM
$60 per 6 bottles (bottles & labelsincluded)

Ancient records of mead go back thousands of years, making it perhaps man’s first fermented beverage. Mead (Honey Wine) is easy to produce and even easier to enjoy. We will make traditional Mead from Orange Blossom, Clover, and Wildflower Honey and our popular Green Apple Mead. The local honey arrived this week, and it is delicious!

You’ll assist in making mead from different local honey sources. We will provide light snacks. Return in 6 weeks for bottling and take home a variety of 6 bottles to age and enjoy.

Bottling is on Sunday, May 7th at 1:00 PM

No mead making experience necessary! Join us!


Limited Wine Tasting, Making and Bottling Event

Thursday, March 30th 6 PM
$60 per 6 bottles (bottles & labelsincluded)

Each year we purchase a small quantity of limited edition wines from our suppliers.  We have found that these offerings are of the highest quality.  Our suppliers carefully select these varieties from world class wine regions.  We are happy to offer you the following for this event:

  • Nero D’Avola (red) – offers aromas of ripe black fruit with notes of vanilla and smoke, and abundant flavours of ripe black cherry & plum with spicy accents, velvety tannins, and a long finish.
  • Vermentino (white) – Think of flavors like white peach, green apple, fresh lime and even a bit of dried tarragon on the finish. On the palate, it has a quenching acidity that makes your mouth water with delight and a delicate weight that allows this wine to be sip-worthy on its own.
  • Lodi Ranch 11 Cabernet Sauvignon – Oak and tannins, pepper and spice combine to enhance trademark blackcurrant and cherry flavours. Rich fruit and complex structure dazzle from first aroma to long, refined finish.

You will participate in a wine tasting, a hands-on winemaking and bottling experience, and take 6 bottles home at the end of the event. No winemaking experience is necessary! Space is limited, please reserve early.


Seville Orange Sangira Winemaking & Tasting

Saturday, April 8th 6:00PM
$60 per 6 bottles (bottles & labelsincluded)

Fresh and sweet juicy flavors are balanced by the bitterness of the Seville Orange in this popular red wine. Join us to split-a-batch. Taste, make, and take. And if you want to stay after the event, join our LuLaRoe Sip & Shop at 7pm!


Sparkling Wines:
Taste, Make, Bottle, and Take!

Wednesday, April 19th 6:00PM
$60 per 6 bottles (bottles & labelsincluded)

Perfect for the spring and summer, these sparkled fruit wines are great anytime but the summer months provide the perfect excuse for grabbing a chilled bottle and relaxing at the beach, by the pool or on the deck. On this night you’ll learn to make, bottle, and label wine while enjoying some light snacks and, of course, while tasting a few wines. We will be making and bottling Acai Raspberry, Seville Orange Sangria, Cucumber Melon and Peach wine. Space is limited or this event so sign up early.


Limited Spanish Wines:
Taste, Make, Bottle, and Take!

Thursday, April 27th 6:00PM
$60 per 6 bottles (bottles & labelsincluded)

Join us to make and take these limited edition Spanish wines:

La Batalla Tempranillo, Grenache & Cabernet – This ruby-colored blend of Spainish Tempranillo, Grenache & Cabernet Sauvignon reflects the brightly colored red wines enjoyed throughout this cheerful festival. Rich on the nose and palate, it features black currant, raspberry, sweet spices, and dried fruit.

Milagro – Three of Spain’s great red varieties, Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Bobal bring their lush and hedonistic qualities to pair the full-bodied and well-structured friends Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Together, you have a wine with a range of black and red fruit characteristics, cherry cola, anise and white pepper and a powerful yet supple mouthful.