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Professional equipment, proven recipes, expert help. Choose from over 200 proven craft beer recipes for any style of beer. You can brew everything from clean refreshing Pilsners, to classic Pale Ales, to dark creamy Stouts, and our Top Selling IPAs––hands on, no experience necessary!

Brew Beer

Wine Making

Have you ever wanted to make your own wine? Don’t worry about stomping grapes! We source 100% varietal juices from California, Italy, Australia, France, Austria, and beyond. Make world class wine, with no added sulfates, onsite with us––we do the messy work and guarantee results.

Wine Making

Soda Making

It’s easy to make non-alcoholic soft drinks using our traditional soft drink recipes and techniques. We’ll teach you to brew refreshing, delicious fountain beverages hands on. Choose from Root Beer, Sarsaparilla, Birch Beer, Orange Cream Soda, or Black Cherry––fun for the whole family!

Make Soda

Grape Time Winery

We import the highest quality juice from major wine producing regions of the world including California, Italy, Australia, France, Austria, and beyond. Our world class wines have won numerous awards, are low in sulfates, and we donate $1 from each bottle to local animal rescue efforts.

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IncrediBREW, in Nashua, New Hampshire, is your personal brewery and winery. Our customers use our proven recipes, fresh commercial-grade ingredients, professional brewing equipment, and our expertise to brew world class beer, make quality wine, and great old fashioned soda right at our store.

Why Brew on Premise?

  • Choose from over 200 craft beer and 30 wine recipes
  • No experience necessary
  • Let us clean up the mess, and guarantee the results
  • Save money on quality craft beer and award-winning wine
  • Brew fresh premium beer at savings of nearly 50% off commercial micro-brews
  • Make world class wines for under $9 a bottle
  • Learning to brew is easy and fun – bring your friends and family and share a great time!

It’s simple to make great tasting craft beer and wine, hands-on, at IncrediBREW – no experience necessary! Whether you are a seasoned homebrewer or a just beer and wine enthusiast, we welcome you to brew onsite with our professional equipment. We walk you through every step of the process, from tasting to recipe selection to bottling and labeling. And, we offer custom label designs for every batch of beer, wine, and soda for a personal touch.

Check out our special Brewfests and Winefests where you can join others for a great time and some super beer & wine. Contact us to rent out our whole brewery for a private party to remember!

IncrediBREW is first in the Nation~ started in 1995!

We are the oldest brew-on-premise brewery in the country. Of course, oldest means a lot of things but, in this case, most experienced suits us just fine!


Seville Orange Sangira Winemaking & Tasting

Saturday, April 8th 6:00PM
$60 per 6 bottles (bottles & labelsincluded)

Fresh and sweet juicy flavors are balanced by the bitterness of the Seville Orange in this popular red wine. Join us to split-a-batch. Taste, make, and take. And if you want to stay after the event, join our LuLaRoe Sip & Shop at 7pm!


Lupulin xPerimental Series – Hop Heads

As soon as we found out about Lupulin powder we knew we needed to try it out. Lupulin is the little yellow oil pods you see inside a hop cone that contain all of the flavor, aromatics (oils), and even bittering potential (alpha and beta acids). Lupulin Powder claims to be the least vegetal form of hops available without going to CO2 or steam distilled extracts. Hop heads only for this one.

Choose from 3 Nights:


Thursday, April 13th 6:00PM
$30 per variety case (bottles not included)
$40 per variety case (bottles and cap stickers included)



Friday, April 21st 6:00PM
$30 per variety case (bottles not included)
$40 per variety case (bottles and cap stickers included)



Saturday, April 22nd 1:00 PM
$30 per variety case (bottles not included)
$40 per variety case (bottles and cap stickers included)


Sparkling Wines:
Taste, Make, Bottle, and Take!

Wednesday, April 19th 6:00PM
$60 per 6 bottles (bottles & labelsincluded)

Perfect for the spring and summer, these sparkled fruit wines are great anytime but the summer months provide the perfect excuse for grabbing a chilled bottle and relaxing at the beach, by the pool or on the deck. On this night you’ll learn to make, bottle, and label wine while enjoying some light snacks and, of course, while tasting a few wines. We will be making and bottling Acai Raspberry, Seville Orange Sangria, Cucumber Melon and Peach wine. Space is limited or this event so sign up early.


Limited Spanish Wines:
Taste, Make, Bottle, and Take!

Thursday, April 27th 6:00PM
$60 per 6 bottles (bottles & labelsincluded)

Join us to make and take these limited edition Spanish wines:

La Batalla Tempranillo, Grenache & Cabernet – This ruby-colored blend of Spainish Tempranillo, Grenache & Cabernet Sauvignon reflects the brightly colored red wines enjoyed throughout this cheerful festival. Rich on the nose and palate, it features black currant, raspberry, sweet spices, and dried fruit.

Milagro – Three of Spain’s great red varieties, Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Bobal bring their lush and hedonistic qualities to pair the full-bodied and well-structured friends Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Together, you have a wine with a range of black and red fruit characteristics, cherry cola, anise and white pepper and a powerful yet supple mouthful.


xPerimental Series – NEW Hops

Breeding new hops varieties is a time-consuming process, and a typical year might see a few varieties (at most) reach commercial markets. Here are some of the newest and trendiest hops around.

Choose from 3 Nights:


Thursday, May 4th 6:00PM
$30 per variety case (bottles not included)
$40 per variety case (bottles and cap stickers included)

An all-purpose hop with 17% alpha acids and total hop oils are 2.5-4.4 (ml/100g). Notes of black currant, dark fruits, strong herbal notes, pine tree. Wicked dank guy.



Friday, May 5th 6:00PM
$30 per variety case (bottles not included)
$40 per variety case (bottles and cap stickers included)

An aroma-type hop with 7% alpha acids and total hop oils are 1.5 – 2.0 (ml/100g). Notes of lemon, mint, green tea, slightly melon aroma. Perfect for late kettle additions.



Saturday, May 6th 3:00 PM
$30 per variety case (bottles not included)
$40 per variety case (bottles and cap stickers included)

Denali is a big aroma that imparts pineapple with notes of citrus and pine. A high amount of alpha acids with 15% and more than 4.0 (ml/100g) of total hop oils.


Barleywine Brewfest

Thursday, May 11th 6:00PM
$40 per variety case (bottles not included)
$50 per variety case (bottles and cap stickers included)

Once a year, we bring out the big guns for the strongest of ales! We include several different recipes for this Brewfest including our Trappist, California Citra, English and Wheatwine versions. These beers are reserved for the hardiest of tastes as they come in at 11% ABV, need 3 weeks to ferment and require patient cellar aging


Light-n-Sweet Wine
Taste, Make, Bottle, and Take!

Saturday May 13th at 4:00PM
$60 per 6 bottles (bottles & labels included)

Just in time for Mother’s Day. The new and popular Cucumber Melon Sauvignon Blanc is described as light and fruity, the sweet notes of the melon are the perfect complement to the clean crisp cucumber. We will also be bottling our new Seville Orange Sangria and our #1 selling white wine, Green Apple Riesling to round out some nice variety.You will participate in a wine tasting, a hands-on wine making and bottling experience, and take 6 bottles home at the end of the event.

No wine making experience is necessary! Space is limited, please reserve early.


Paint & Sip – Wine Tasting & Glass Painting
~ perfect for Mother’s Day ~

Saturday, May 13th 7 PM
$50 per person (includes a bottle of wine)

Everyone will learn to paint wine glasses while practicing your skills at the art of wine tasting with Art Happens from Milford, NH. You will have the option of this being a guided painting event where you will paint with instruction from trained artists or you can go freestyle on your own.

We’ll provide light snacks, a fun wine tasting, and you will get a FREE bottle of wine to take home.

The wine tasting is included. This event is limited to 20 participants, so don’t miss out.

$50 per person (paint and glass supplies, instruction, wine tasting & bottle of wine included)


A bottle of red, a bottle of white…
Taste, Make, Bottle, and Take!

Thursday May 25th at 6:00PM
$60 per 6 bottles (bottles & labels included)

These are two of our most popular white and red wines. We are happy to offer you the following for this event:

  • Australian Chardonnay – This grape was recently introduced into Australia, producing a wine that is rich in character, with an emphasis on fruit. A golden-hued wine, it will have a tart taste that finishes clean and crisp in the mouth. Flavors of vanilla, cloves and butterscotch will tease the palate.
  • Rosso Grande – An intense wine bursting with vibrant flavors of ripe berries and black cherries, this slightly sweet red is a powerful wine with finesse and elegance.

No wine making experience is necessary! Space is limited, please reserve early.