Types of Beer to Brew

– Belgian Style Beers
– Big Beer Series
– Bitter Beers
– Bock Beers
– Brown Ales
– Honey Beers
– Lagers
– Pales Ales
– Pilsners
– Porters
– Red Ales
– Stouts
– Wheat Beers


Brew beer the easy & fun way…and save lots of $$$

Professional Equipment, Proven Recipes, Expert Help. Choose from over 200 proven recipes for any style of beer which suits your taste. We have everything from clean refreshing Pilsners, to classic Pale Ales, to dark creamy Stouts and our Top Selling IPAs.

Every IncrediBREW recipe is all natural and chemical free. You will use the freshest ingredients available: pure charcoal filtered water, imported malts, domestic & imported hops and selected cultured liquid yeast.

Batches of beer are either 5 gallons (2 cases) or 15 gallons (6 cases) in 22oz. bottles. If that is more than you need, bring a friend or two to split the batch and multiply the fun. Perhaps check out our next Brewfest which gets you a mixed case of beer for as little as $30. Here’s how it works:

Visit 1: Brewing – 2-3 hour session includes, brewing process overview, measuring ingredients, steeping the grains, stirring in the malt, boiling hops, chilling the wort and pitching the yeast. Then it stays in our fermentation room for 2-3 weeks.

Visit 2: Bottling – 1 hour session for bottling your beer using our automatic bottle washer and fillers.  At this point your beer will be taken home to enjoy.

Split-a-Batch Brewing

$30-40per share

Mini Kettle Brewing

$65-125per kettle

Full Kettle Brewing

$160-250per kettle