Belgian Styles

Three Phils – $195 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Belgian Beers deserve a category of their own, especially this one.  High above the average…full bodied, high alcohol, strong warming flavor…it takes all 3 for this beauty.

Belgian Tripel – $195 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
This Belgian Tripel strong ale strikes the perfect balance of spiciness, light hop flavor, impressive alcohol content, pleasant sweetness and a clean dry finish.  Heavenly!

Belgian Bruin – $175 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
More complex than the average brown ale. It’s deliciously malty with notes of chocolate and nuts.

Belgian White – $185 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Blending barley, wheat and oats, this classic summer brew is noted for the spicy character of coriander and Curacao bitter orange peel…the hallmark of this fruity beer.

Belgian Strong Ale – $185 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
The name just about says it all. Belgian malts, Trappist yeast, spices, orange peel and noble hops say the rest.

Trappist Dubbel – $190 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Fairly sweet, reddish brown, maltly, lightly hopped and nearly 8% alcohol…no wonder the monks didn’t speak. Yeast is from one of the six remaining Trappist Breweries.

Stella Our Try – $160 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Stella Artois lovers…your Belgian star has arrived with style, class and a taste that will satisfy any light beer lover.

Belgian Saison – $180 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Mellow, smooth, thirst quenching, complex…what more do you want in a Belgian Ale?