Big Black Mariah – $180 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Imperial Black IPA. High Alcohol, Heavy body, Opaque and very delicious.

Black Widow IPA- $175 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Unique new style. A dark beer with a strong hop presence. Watch for the bite…it’s deadly!

Citra Pale Ale – $170 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
West Coast IPA’s are all the rage and this one delivers. Strong citrus and tropical tones blast the taste buds without smothering them with bitterness. A great Pale Ale dude!

Double IPA- $190 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
IPA lovers looking for a new thrill will love the Columbus and Simcoe hops in this bad boy. Hopheads… double your pleasure!

Flagship IPA – $165 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Hold onto your hat… with both hands. An IPA with all the zip you’d expect from this highly hopped classic.

FLUX- $195 full kettle / $95 mini kettle
One of our newest hazy IPA. This Rye styled IPA is loaded with Mosaic and Centennial hops, flavors of grapefruit, pineapple and passionfruit offer a delicious bitterness.

Hoptimist- $195 full kettle / $95 mini kettle
After experimenting, we knew dry-hopping an ale at separate stages would produce something special. The result is this IPA with hops that create natural tropical hints of grapefruit, melon, and lemon flavors.

Hopzilla- $195 full kettle / $95 mini kettle
Hop lovers take notice, this Imperial IPA packs a wallop. Hopped with Pacific Northwest hops, this monster will stomp on your taste buds with gigantic citrus flavors.

Imperial Force IPA – $195 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
A “Back to Brew School Brewfest” creation which made the grade to our recipe book. Heavy malt and citrus hop flavor and aroma. 8% abv. May the force be with you!

Jolly Roger IPA – $175 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Bitterness and flavor are flying high. Harpoon IPA lovers rejoice

Midnight Snack- $195 full kettle / $95 mini kettle
This new IPA is a clone of the very popular Maine Beer Company’s Dinner Ale. Lots of late hop additions of Mosaic and double dry-hopped.

Rye IPA- $175 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
All the hoppiness you’d expect in a India Pale Ale but with the dry clean finish of a rye beer. For those who want to try something a little different but not off the charts crazy.

Teddy Hopper- $195 full kettle / $95 mini kettle
#1 recipe 4 years in a row…. This is our clone of the famous, hard to get, Vermont Imperial IPA. Big, bold and full of citrus and piney flavors and aroma. A huge hop character and 7.5% alcohol will satisfy any lover of High End Beers.

Zombie Lust- $185 full kettle / $95 mini kettle
Zombie Lust is modeled after one of the top beers in the USA. Our undead version features an abundance of Citra hops throughout the brewing process. Look for citrus flavors of grapefruit, lime and other exotic fruit.