Another Fine Lager – $170 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
If you are looking for a smooth American Light Lager, don’t look any further. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Another Fine Lager.

Beechwood Lager – $170 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Everybody’s All-American. Our salute to Budweiser…. (just more flavor, for real)

Cerveza Buena – $170 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Get your tortilla chips and salsa to accompany this Corona look-alike.

Dos X Amber – $170 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
If you like Dos Equis Amber, you’ll love this recipe. Our version has a pleasant amber hue, light hop flavor and enough malt flavor to satisfy even the thirstiest hombre.

Double Dublin – $175 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
A lovely top o’ the morning to you. Our Harp style, it’s smooth and quenching.

Drunken Uncle Dunkel – $170 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
If you’re looking for a dark lager in the style of Micholob Dark, this is a close relative.

LingYueng – $180 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
No, this is not a Panda at the Washington Zoo, but our take on Yuengling from the Oldest Brew-on-Premise in America. Folks who like the PA version certainly will like the NH version as well.

Mad Bavarian – $175 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
This Munich style lager is medium bodied with a huge malt presence and subtle hop finish. Low bitterness with a clean, yet slightly sweet finish.

Mariner’s Steam – $175 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
A fine recipe, in honor of Anchor Steam. The subtle hop finish is wonderful.

My Favorite Marzen – $175 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
An out of this world brew. A smooth Oktoberfest stein-filling brew with authentic German malts, hops and yeast.

Oktoberfest – $180 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
A Classic stein filler. For those looking for a bit more body and flavor than the original.

Revere’s Boston – $165 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Sam Adams and Paul Revere would be proud of our version of this craft lager. A very popular selection!

Samson Winter Lager – $190 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Ahhhh, New England winters. Samson will comfort the taste buds and warm the soul with full malt flavor, noble hops, a touch of spice and a 6.5% abv.