Pale Ales

Beavertooth- $160 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
A top seller. A middle of the road pale ale for every palate.

Dean’s Finest- $165 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Top shelf pale ale, Lincoln MKZ all the way to the Holiday Inn. Bass drinkers find Dean’s a delight.

Catfish Head 60 Minute IPA- $195 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Hops are raining down like Cats and Dogs as hops are added in large quantities for a whole hour. Come on down for this full flavored, deep golden, German style brew.

English Pub Ale – $170 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Nothing extreme here… just a very nice, medium bodied, perfectly hopped (with Fuggles and Kent) English Ale. Cheerio!

English Summer Ale – $165 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
A light summer ale with plenty of flavor. The slight hint of citrus offers a refreshing twist to this English style brew.

Mad Hatter #9 – $175 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Watch us pull a great beer out of our hat! Magic Hat #9 lovers have been waiting for us to come up with this one for years!

Majestic Pale Ale – $180 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
A big malt flavor and the combination of 5 unique grains hammer the taste buds with all the sensations of a quality pale ale without the pale color.

Rye IPA- $175 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
All the hoppiness you’d expect in a India Pale Ale but with the dry clean finish of a rye beer. For those who want to try something a little different but not off the charts crazy.

Sierra Madre – $165 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Hopheads will enjoy this Sierra Nevada style with plenty of zip.

Summer Sunshine Ale- $165 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Reminiscent of summer ales from Sam Adams and Pete’s.

Undead Gal Ale- $185 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Our version of a famous American Strong Ale from Oregon. Look for a rich, hearty maltiness with notes of toffee, caramel and a mild hop flavor. With 8% abv this undead gal may return to haunt you.