Czech Pilsner – $165 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Light and refreshing. A classic recipe from the birthplace of Pilsner.

Golden Eagle Pilsner- $160 / $85 mini kettle
Soar high with this flavorful pilsner. Cascade finishes this beer off with a fresh and crisp hop taste.

Imperial Pilsner- $185 / $85 mini kettle
We could have called this Saaz Pilsner! It has over 13 ozs. of noble Saaz hops from the Czech Republic (the place that invented Pilsners). 7.5 % alcohol without the big beer heavyness.

Oom-Pah Pilsner – $160 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Our German style pilsner. Classic old world style and flavor and slightly more bitter than the others on our list.

Noble Pils – $165 full kettle / $85 mini kettle
Classic noble hops are used in this beer for bittering, flavoring and aroma. Very pleasant and sure to have a big following. It is generally agreed that to be noble, a hop must have a relatively low bittering content and a mild, pleasant aroma.