Brew Stouts

Irish Dry Stout – $185
Five imported malts give a complexity far beyond the dry, roasted flavor. A healthy dose of pure malt extracts ensures a rich body and flavor. Imported Irish Ale yeast.

Black Satin- $180
Smooth, sweet, black and creamy. Modeled after the U.K.’s Mackeson Stout.

Hazelnut Coffee Stout- $180
A pleasantly sweet stout with fresh Hazelnut coffee overtones. The smell alone will leave you jittery!

Oatmeal Stout- $185
Not just for breakfast. This velvety smooth stout is paradise in your mouth.

Black Peral Imperial Stout – $195
The Black Pearl is sailing into the deepest part of your soul with a heavy load of dark malt extract and a treasure chest of rich Perle hops.

Russian Imperial Stout – $195
A big beer for a big country. A deep black, sweet and very high-alcohol stout with a really full body. A heavy roast character which leaves the taste buds exhausted.