Wheat Beers

Boatyard Smashed Pumpkin – $195
This is our clone of a popular Portland, Maine recipe. Full bodied, pleasant pumpkin undertones and a rush of holiday spices highlight this 9% abv. beer. This is one pumpkin recipe that calls you back for more.

Apricot Wheat- $170
New 2009. A pleasant wheat beer with mild noble hops from the Czech Republic for flavoring and aroma. The slight hint of apricot is easily detected and enjoyed in the aroma and flavor.

Hefe-Weizen – $185
The most popular wheat beer found today. Famous Bavarian yeast offers the unique clove & banana aroma and refreshing taste enjoyed for centuries.

American Wheat – $165
A great summer brew…light, clean, crisp and deliciously refreshing, without the clove & banana aroma of the traditional German version. Yeast from Oregon.

Wort Hog Wheat – $170
Forget the wimpy wheats. More body, more wheat flavor and a higher alcohol content make this hog one to remember.

Dunkelweizen – $170
All Wheat Malt and a good dose of specialty wheat malt puts this recipe in its own category.dark and extra good.