Host truly unique corporate team building events.

Let’s Connect and talk Beer, Wine and Soda! 

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Corporate team building events are a blast, and offer lots of good employee bonding time! You will need to plan a 2-visit event (unless you use our bottling service).

Here’s how it works: Your group comes in and brews together (we teach you how, and it takes approx. 2 hours). Then, the group returns after a fermentation process to bottle their creations (see fermenting times below). Bottling also takes about 2 hours.

Fermenting times:

  • Beer: 2 weeks
  • White wine: @4 weeks
  • Red wine: @6 weeks
  • Soda: 2 days to carbonate

If you choose to do different types of drinks at the same event with different fermenting times, we can work it out so that everyone comes and bottles on the same day.

Suggestion: Use the bottling day as a “blind taste test day” and have teams compete against each other for best tasting brew. (Assemble teams before hand, have them choose their recipes together, they brew and bottle together as a team, then a big “taste off” at the end. Winner gets a prize).

We will help create custom labels with company logo, or whatever fun team names you come up with. Or, you can design something in house, send it in and we will print them and have them ready for you at bottling day. In the end, everyone splits up the bottles and gets to take home their share of the batches when you are done.

Most companies do one of the following:

  1. all beer
  2. beer and wine
  3. beer and soda
  4. wine and soda


Beer: A single batch makes 72 (22 oz.) bottles of beer (6 cases of the big bottles). Usually it’s split up as one batch for 6 people: everyone gets a case to take home. Depending on the recipe (Heady Topper vs a Belgian White for example) batches range from $145 to $170+ a piece. Bottles are additional $72 per batch. There are over 200 beer recipes to choose from.

Wine: 4 week wines yield about (27) 750ml bottles. 6 week wines yield about (28) 750ml bottles. So, plan to split about 2-3 people per batch. We provide 750ml bottles for an additional $1.50/per bottle. Recipe prices vary, but land right around the same pricing as beer per batch (but, a wine batch serves less people — that’s why the “all beer” option is what most companies choose: less fermenting time and more bottles to share. It depends on your crowd.)

Soda: Each batch is $45 and makes (48) 12oz. bottles (2 cases, or 2 people per batch) and includes everything you need: ingredients, equipment, bottles, and caps. There are a bunch of flavors to choose from.

Labels: Additional nominal charge based on what is chosen.