Creating Custom Labels for Beer or Wine

IncrediBREW offers personalized labels for a nominal fee. There are many sample label designs at the store for you to customize with your own text or you may create your own and follow the guidelines below for us to print them.

Personalize Your Handcrafted Beverage!

Since labels make your beer, wine and soda uniquely yours, we offer a large selection of special customizable designs for every occasion. They are printed with a high resolution, solid ink printer for maximum visual presentation.

Create your own label and we will print them out for you!

For those of you with graphic programs, you may create your own design in one of these formats ONLY: jpg, .bmp, tif or pdf and submit it to us for printing, at least a week before bottling. If you design a label it must be complete with your border, image and text before sending. We will put 6 on a page and print them out for you and not make any changes. File name should include your name, instead of the generic “beer label” or “wine label.” Email your completed label to with the following information: Your Name, Bottling Date, What Made: Beer, Wine or Soda?, How many batches is this label for?, If Wine, 750ml bottles or 375ml bottles?. You should receive a note from us to confirm that all is okay with your label submission!

A set of peel and stick labels sufficient for a batch of beer, wine or soda (if you make them here) is only $15.

Also available are cap stickers for beer and soda at $5 per batch.

Label Size Guidelines:

3.25″ wide x 4.00″ tall for all beer, wine and soda “peel and stick” labels.
(Please note: Design label horizontally for best fit on soda bottles)
Resolution 200-300 dpi