Dessert Wines & Seasonal Ports

Ice Wine – $180
Rich and viscous, loaded with flavors of honey, peach and apricot. A true dessert wine. 30 small bottles.

Cab Franc Ice Wine – $180 **NEW**
Sweet and rich, almost syrupy in texture, with rose and salmon tints, Cabernet Franc Ice Wine entices with irresistible aromas and flavors: ripe currants, notes of spice, honey, strawberry, tart rhubarb and cranberry . Icewine shows best when it is chilled but not cold. A true dessert wine. 30 small bottles.

Chocolate Raspberry Port – $195
Stop in for a sample! A dessert wine, with a burst of chocolate raspberry aroma that rushes from the glass, and invites the senses to taste, and indulge in layers of rich flavor. Our Gold Medal Winner!

Salted Caramel Port – $195 
Chocolate Salted Caramel offers the ultimate in sweet and salty with the velvety decadence of chocolate beautifully blended with rich and creamy salted caramel. This Port style wine will age for several years, evolving and showing complex layers of flavor over time.